OSCP Preparation 2021

1 min readApr 14, 2021

Hi Guys,

I know it has been a lot of time since I published something here, I have been crazy busy with the office work, and I guess it’s time I finally get that OSCP cert that has been put on hold for a long time.

Since this is really time crucial and my lab has already expired while I only rooted some 10 boxes, I am going to go ahead with the following plan:
1. Read the PDF provided by Offensive Security
2. Follow TCM’s course on Priv Esc
3. Solve Vulnhub Challenges
4. Buy the labs for 15 days and wrap them up
5. After that finish all the Hack The Box like machines

And I guess I should be good to go?
I am not sure how much is going to be enough, if anyone out there sees this, I could really use some help right now.

Meanwhile I’ll keep my blogs coming :)


Penetration Tester @Experian | Founder @SHELL